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How to get marriage certificate copy in Karnataka

11 months 4 weeks ago #1260 by abhishek
One of my friend registered his marriage in Shimoga under Hindu marriage Act in the year 2012. He is an Government employee and recently died in road accident. His wife is the only legal hair and she is not able to trace their original marriage certificate issued at the time marriage registration in Shimoga. Now his wife not able to get his service benefits and Insurance claims due to non availability of marriage certificate. So is it possible to get original marriage certificate again. If not possible, shall we get certified copy in Bangalore itself ? If it is possible it will be very helpful to her claims in future.
What is the formalities and documents required for get marriage certificate/ copy ?

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11 months 3 weeks ago #1267 by avebigam
On application you can copy of marriage certificate registered under Hindu marriage act in shimogo, Karnataka.
Normally at the time of Hindu marriage registration, they will make 6 original marriage certificate. The sub registrar office will issue two original certificates at the time of registration. Balance four original certificates will be kept in sub registrar office in shimoga.
So on application, you can get one more original marriage certificate kept in register office.
But you have to apply in shimoga only. There is no online fecility available for apply certified copies.
Also they will ask for pride husband or wife presence. But karanataka Hindu marriage registration rules doesn't required couples presence for apply copy application. As per law any body can get marriage certificate copy on payment of Rs. 10/-

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