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9 months 3 weeks ago - 9 months 3 weeks ago #1586 by Hari Priya
Arya samaj marriage procedure in Bangalore
One of my friend marriage is love marriage. She is basically from Karnataka and she is temporally staying in Bangalore
and working in electronic city. The groom is from Coimbatore and presently he
is working in Australia. Both the parents are not accepting their relationship
and opposing very seriously for getting married.
He is secretly visiting Bangalore from Australia for two week holiday and they have decided to do simple and secret Arya
samaj marriage and registration anywhere in Bangalore. Same time after
completing Arya samaj marriage formalities they wish to apply spouse visa for
Australia immediately. SO they need valid marriage certificate for visa
process. Since she is working in Bangalore electronic city and they prefer to
do Arya samaj marriage in Bangalore electronic city area or anywhere in
we approached the electronic city sub registrar for Arya samaj marriage  registration and we cannot able to get any information from registrar. But they said local
address proof  is mandatory for Aryasamaj marriage  registration in Bangalore. Also they indicated that Arya samaj marriage process will be done in mandir only. So I want to get clarification about Arya samaj marriage and registration procedure in Bangalore.
Arya samaj marriage certificate is legally valid one or it will create any problem in visa process?
Is there any simple way to do same day Arya samaj marriage without parents knowledge in electronic city or
anywhere in Bangalore ?.
Any notice will be sent to parents for registration?
The Arya samaj marriage process will change state to state ? what is the procedure in Karnataka?
In which area we can do Arya samaj marriage smoothly in Bangalore ? How long it will take to get marriage
They are doing this for only for Australian visa purpose. thereafter they will convince the both parents and will have a
grand marriage function at Coimbatore. If his parents wish to register, It will
be any problem ?
Also the same day Arya samaj marriage  certificate is valid for visa process or not?
What is the cost for Arya samaj marriage in Bangalore ?

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