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register marriage in Bangalore

4 years 8 months ago - 10 months 1 week ago #906 by
One of my friend is native of Tamilnadu and he is now working in Bangalore. He is a Christian and residing in Indra Nagar Bangalore. Now he wish to marry a Hindu girl and he wish do register marriage in Bangalore without the parents consent.
So we need clarification about following things :
1. What are the formalities to complete marriage registration in Bangalore registration office and what are the documents needed for complete the process.
2. How many days will take to complete the marriage registration in Bangalore.
3. Where is registrar office located in Indra nagar Bangalore and what is the address.?
4. They are inter religion, so under which act they have register their Marriage?
5. Is there any notice will be sent to their parents.
Please advice properly to go further.

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4 years 8 months ago #933 by batcha
Replied by batcha on topic register marriage procedure in Bangalore
Normally inter religious marriage has to registered under special marriages Act 1954 in Bangalore.
It will take minimum thirty days will take to complete the registration process.

Normally no notice has to be sent to parents. But some time the marriage registrar will send the notice.

Find the Marriage registrar office address and phone number for Indra Nagar :-

Sub-Registrar Office & Registrar of Marriages, Indiranagar Bangalore

1st Floor
BDA Complex
BDA Complex Road

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4 years 8 months ago #934 by batcha
Replied by batcha on topic register marriage procedure in Bangalore
Special Marriage Act Procedure in Bangalore :-
Special Marriage Act was passed in 1954 and it focuses on providing a special form of marriage for people of India and Indian nationals in foreign countries, without considering the religion or faith followed by the bride and the groom. This act came in to solve the inadequacy issues found in Act III of 1872. The reformation of the Act III gave way to the Special Marriage Act.

The act has three major objectives.

Ø To provide a special form of marriage in certain cases,

Ø To provide for registration of certain marriages and

Ø To provide for divorce

The Special Marriage Act does not have conditions on religions or region.

The applicants can

Ø Be following any religion

Ø Be a follower of Indian religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism

Ø Be following religions of foreign origin like Islam, Christianity and Parsi or Jewish religions.

Ø Be of different castes and communities

Ø Reside at any Indian territory(except Jammu and Kashmir)

Ø Be Indian nationals living abroad.

The applicants must follow all the criteria mentioned below.

Ø Both the bride and the groom should have no other subsisting valid marriage.

Ø The bride should at least be 21 years of age

Ø The groom should have completed at least 18 years of age

Ø Both parties should be mentally fit to the extent of being able to give valid consent for the marriage

Ø The parties should not fall under the category of prohibited relationship

There are certain requirements for the procedure.

Ø A notice of intended marriage must be filed by the parties in the specified form to the Marriage Registrar of the district where at least one of the parties has resided for a period of not less than 30 days before the date of filing the notice.

Ø If there has been no objection from any person for the marriage until 30 days from the date of filing, then the marriage can be solemnized.

Ø There are no ceremonial requirements for a marriage under this act.

Ø The marriage has to be solemnized at the specified Marriage Office.

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4 years 8 months ago #935 by batcha
Replied by batcha on topic register marriage procedure in Bangalore
Love marriage registration procedure in Bangalore

Normally love marriage registration is not a easy task.you have to follow procedures and formalities to get married legally. There are two types of marriages is existing.

1.customary marriage

2.civil marriage(court marriage or special marriage)

procedure for customary marriage in Bangalore

For register your marriage base on customary marriage solemnised in temple or marriage hall,you have to produce following documents to register the same legally.you can complete registration process on same day in Bangalore.

1. single status certificate issued bu VAO.

2. Temple receipt or marriage hall bill

3.letter from priest who solemnized the marriage in Bangalore

4. two witness (parents must)


procedure for special marriage in Bangalore

Proof of marriage not necessary for special marriage. address proof and age proof is required for both and both must completed 21 years of age and any one should be a resident of registration office jurisdiction. for solemnize court marriage , both bride and groom has to file notice intend of marriage in local jurisdiction marriage registrar office and the same will be affixed in registration office notice board for not less than 30 days.if bride or groom is resident of outside jurisdiction, the copy of notice will be sent to their parents or their local registration office in Bangalore.

After 30 days from date of filing notice,the registrar will solemnize the marriage marriage if there is no objection received .if there is any objection Is received ,the marriage registrar will order inquiry and will pass final order accordingly.

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4 years 8 months ago #941 by sana
Replied by sana on topic register marriage procedure in Bangalore
Find FAQ about register marriage procedure in Bangalore. Definitely it will be very useful when you will do your friend register marriage in Bangalore.

Q 1 What are the advantages of registration of marriage?
(i) Certificate of marriage is a document, which provides valuable evidence of marriage;
(ii) Certificate of marriage is a document providing social security, self-confidence particularly among married women;
(iii) Certificate of marriage is useful in getting the visa for the wife/husband.
iv) It will be helpful in claiming the Bank deposits or Life Insurance benefits when the depositee or the Insurer dies without a nomination or otherwise.

Q 2 What are the laws under which marriages are registered in Sub Registry or District Registrar Offices?
Marriages are registered under the following Acts:
1. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955,
2. Special Marriage Act, 1954,
3. Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936

Q 3 Where the marriages are to be registered?
1. Marriages under Hindu Marriage Act can be registered in the office of the Registrar of Marriage within the jurisdiction of which the marriage has taken place or in the office of Marriage Officer in whose jurisdiction the bride or bride-groom resides;
2. Marriage under Special Marriage Act can be registered in the office of the Marriage Officer in whose jurisdiction bride or bridegroom resides;
3. Marriage under Parsi Marriage Act may be registered in the Office of the District Registrar in whose jurisdiction the marriage takes place.

Q 4 Where the Office of the Marriage is situated and who is the Marriage Officer?
Sub Registrar who register documents relating to immovable property are also the Marriage Officer. The offices are usually located in Taluk Head Quarters/District Head Quarters/In few places in the Hobli Head Quarters.
In Bangalore city Office of the Marriages/Registrar of Marriages is located in different places. District Registrars are Registrars of Marriages under Parsi Marriage Act and their Offices are situated in all District Headquarters. Click here for details.

Q 5 To whom Hindu Marriage Act 1955 applies?
It applies to Hindu, Buddhist, Brahma, Parthana and Arya samaj. It does not apply to Muslim, Christian, Parsi or Jew Communities. But it applies to those who follow Hindu religious customs.
Click here for details

Q 6 To whom Special Marriage Act 1954 applies?
It applies to all irrespective of religion, caste, language.

Q 7 To whom Parsi Marriage applies?
It applies to Parsies and Zoroastrians.

Q 8 What should be the age of bridegroom and bride at the time of marriage?
Bridegroom must have completed 21 years age and bride 18 years.

Q 9 Are there any restrictions for registration of marriages?
Following are the restrictions under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and Special Marriage Act, 1954:
1.1(a) Bridegroom or bride who desire to marry should not have married wife / husband;
(b) Bridegroom or bride who cannot voluntarily give consent for marriages owing to mental illness are not eligible for marriage;
(c) Marriage of those who are capable of giving consent for marriage but (d) incapable of getting child owing to unsound mind cannot be solemnised nor be registered;
(d) Those suffering from insanity are ineligible for solemnisation of marriage;
(e) Those who are within degree of prohibited relationship are ineligible for marriage provided they can marry if it is permitted according to the usage of custom or usage governing such persons;
1.2. Bridegroom and bride who are descendants up to 5 generation from mother's side or father's side cannot marry (They are called Sapindas).
II. Restrictions under Parsi Marriage Act 1936 are as follows:
Bride and Bridegroom should not be related within the degree of prohibited relationship mentioned in schedule I of the Act.

Q 10 How to register marriage?
A. Registration under Hindu Marriage
a) Application for marriage filled in prescribed form with name and address of bridegroom and bride, signature of bride and bridegroom, signature of 3 attesting witness present at the time of marriage along with their name and address, joint photo of bride and bridegroom with signature over such photo should be presented to the Registrar of Marriage.
b) Marriage officer will verify the contents of the application and records. He will issue certificate of marriage if he is satisfied that the records produced are in accordance with law.
Click here to download marriage forms
B. Solemnization under Special Marriage Act, 1954
1. Bridegroom and bride should give notice of intended marriage 30 days in advance of solemnisation along with prescribed fees. They must have lived continuously for not less than 30 days within the jurisdiction of marriage officer before giving the notice.
2. If no objections are received within 30 days from the date of notice of intended marriage, bridegroom and bride should appear before the Marriage Officer within next 60 days after lapse of 30 days from such notice along with three witnesses for solelmnisation of the Marriage. Marriage Officer after following procedure prescribed under act and rules will solemnsie the marriage. If marriage is not solemnised within 90 days from the date of notice fresh notice has to be issued.
3. Marriage Officer will administer oath in the prescribed form and solemnise marriage and issue certificate of marriage.
4. Bridegroom and bride and three witnesses shall sign the declaration and the certificates of marriage.
C. Registration under Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936:
Parsi priest solemnises marriage. He will obtain signature of bridegroom and bride and two witnesses present at the time of marriage in prescribed form and issue certificate of marriage. This certificate will be sent to Registrar of Marriage (District Registrar) along with prescribed fee. Registrar of marriage will record in the prescribed register.

Q 11 What is the time limit for registration of marriage?
Marriage under Hindu or Parsi Marriage Act can be registered any time after marriage. There is no time limit.

Q 12 Is it possible to solemnize marriage under Special Marriage Act in place other than that of office of Marriage Officer?
If the place is within the jurisdiction of marriage officer to whom notice of intended marriage is given, it may be solemnised in such other place.

Q 13 Can the marriage already held according to the religious custom be registered under Special Marriage Act? If so how to get it registered?
Application duly filled in should be given in prescribed form in duplicate under Section 16 of the Special Marriage Act 1954 along with prescribed fee to the marriage officer. If there are no objections marriage officer will register the marriage after 30 days if the husband and wife appear along with 3 witnesses subject to following conditions:
1. They should have married and must be living together since then;
2. At the time of marriage any of them should not have more than one living wife or husband;
3. Any of them should not be idiot or lunatic at the time of registration of marriage;
4. Husband and wife should have completed age of 21. They should not be within the degree of prohibited relationship described in schedule I of the Act;
6. Husband and wife should have lived for a period not less than 30 days within the jurisdiction of marriage officer;

Q 14 What are the objections to refuse registration of marriage? Is there provision to appeal if registration is refused? If so to who appeal lies?
If the conditions noted in question 9 and 13 are not fulfilled marriage officer may refuse the registration of the marriage. Appeal may be submitted to District judge within 30 days of such refusal.

Q 15 What is the fee to be paid for registration of marriage?
1. No fee is prescribed for registration of marriage under Hindu Marriage Act. Fee for application is Rs.5 and fee for certified copy is Rs.10.
2. Under Special Marriage Act, fee for solemnization of marriage is Rs.10, Rs.15 extra for solemnization in place other than office. Fee for notice of intended marriage is Rs 3. Fee for certified copy of certificate of marriage is Rs.2
3. Under Parsi Marriage Act, fee for certified copy of certificate of marriage is Rs.2.

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4 years 8 months ago #942 by sana
Replied by sana on topic register marriage procedure in Bangalore
I am belongs to Mumbai and i am settled in Bangalore . I did my marriage registration in Bangalore city and i am sharing this information to help other state people those who wish to do register marriage in Bangalore.
Procedure for Registered Marriage in Bangalore, Karnataka
Below are important conditions that are required while registering your marriage in Bangalore:

I am going to explain the most complicated process below that is the one in which both bride and groom belong to separate religion and have not yet got married. Rest all others are much simpler than this one and you can suffice by wedding card, wedding photos, address proofs and photo identification cards. I couldn't find any proper online documentation of this process in which both bride and groom belong to different religion and want to get married, so writing it here:

Documents needed:

1) Address proof: It is important that for any kind of registration of your marriage (irrespective of you are already married or not), you go to the registrar office that lies in your area of residence, or the area for which you have valid address proof. The valid address proof for the registration requires only ONE of the partners to have any of the following documents with them that are identified by Indian Govt and that claims their current residence in the city as well as in the area, :

- Voter's ID
- Ration Card
- Driving License.
- Passport
- Gas Bill
- Aadhar card

If you don't have any of these address proofs, you have to take any of the Govt sent document like your transport card and even rental agreement to the city's Tehsildar office and get a nativity certificate from them. For people residing in Bangalore, you can take the documents to the Tehsildar office at Majestic and get the document done. Usually, it is done by brokers, who can charge an amount of Rs.2000-3000 Rupees from you for the document and make it done within 3-4 days. We paid an amount of 2000 initially, but for some unknown reason the broker asked us to pay extra Rs.1000 for the document after 3-4 days. I know, you might fume and thrash on this, but somehow that is how things are done in Bangalore.

However, the other partner also needs to have at least some address proof to claim his/her stay in Bangalore.

2) Passport size photographs (Total 6): You will need 5 passport size pics to attach initially in the documents while submitting your application and later 3, for the marriage certificates.

3) Photo identification documents: You can use your driving license, passport or any other govt. issued document that has your name and photo identification in it for this.

For unmarried couples of different religion, your marriage will be covered under Special Marriage Act and the process requires you to fill up two forms - one general form with your and your would-be's details, address, age, parents name etc. and the other specifically for Special marriage act that requires you to enter the same details and religion along with some signatures, declarations, photocopy of address proofs and photo identification cards. Both the forms cost Rs.30/- each.

Once the forms are submitted, you'll need to get them signed by the Sub-Registrar officer of the office. He will sign it after checking your identification cards and after seeing that all the details are correct. After his signature, your data will be fed in their online database and 5 printouts will be made, on which you'd have to attach your pics and sign on them. Once all this is done, you hand over the documents to the officer and have to pay an amount of Rs.33/- for which you'd get a receipt. Your application is submitted now.

For special marriage act in India, both the partners have to serve a notice period of 30 days, after which they can come and get married any time within a span of 90 days. During this notice period, the documents are validated for their addresses and other details. You will be intimated of any violation in case they find something contradicting your records, or if anyone objects to the marriage on legal reasons (like earlier marriage with someone and on some religious norms of their religion etc.). However, objections raised by parents, siblings and other family members without any legal proofs are not entertained.

Once the notice period is served, both the partners can go to the registrar office for wedding registration any time within the span of 90 days along with the original receipt, 3 witnesses and 3 separate photographs. They have to attach the pics and sign the marriage certificates. Three copies of the certificates are made; one is kept with the registrar office, one is given to the bride and the other to the groom. The witnesses also have to sign the certificate against their names. Once the signing is done, both bride and groom have to read a marriage oath in front of the officer, who after that declares them as man and wife. You will have to pay Rs.82/- for this for which you'd get a receipt as well.

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