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foreign marriage registration procedure Bangalore

3 years 5 months ago - 2 years 6 months ago #1005 by anamika
One of friend asking following doubts about special marriage in Karnataka.
He heard that civil marriage and special marriage is one and the same if it is true what is the formalities for special marriage in Karnataka?

What is the procedure for conduct special marriage in Karnataka between Indian citizen and Foreign (EU) National.

One of my friend who is an Indian national wish to marry an EU national and she is an origin of Poland.
For getting married in Poland, he has to produce unmarried certificate from India. But he is not able to get unmarried certificate in India .
For that reasons they are not able to get married legally in UK. So they prefer to do their marriage legally in India.
His native is West Bengal and he having all proofs in his native and he is just working in Bangalore and he is no way connected with Bangalore.
So he needs some clarification about civil marriage procedure in Bangalore .

a) What is the procedure for doing foreign national marriage in Karnataka.

b) Under which law the foreign national marriage has to be registered ? Under which act you people will register the Same day Court marriage Karnataka?

c) Without any address proof it is possible to do this civil marriage in Karnataka in One day process ?

d) same day certificate will be valid one for apply UK visa and it will be accepted by UK Government ?

e) How long they have to wait in Bangalore ?

f) How long it will take to get marriage certificate in hands?

If it is not possible to do civil marriage in Bangalore , can you give any idea how to get unmarried certificate in Bangalore. If possible what is the procedure and what are the document needed to get unmarried certificate in Bangalore

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2 years 2 weeks ago #1456 by sana
My friends also facing same problem . Can you advise how to face it :

Special Marriage registration procedure in Bangalore :

One of friend living in Whitefield , Bangalore . He is a Hindu native of Bihar and the bride is also a Hindu and Australia national. They wanted to do register marriage in the month of february 2018 in Bangalore .

She is visiting India and she will be available in Bangalore for ten days. So they want to complete the Special marriage registration process within ten days and he need marriage certificate for include spouse name in passport and apply Indian visa for wife.

We approached nearby sub registrar office in Varthur, Bangalore They said that Foreigner Marriage may nor be registered under Special Marriage Act and Foreigner Marriage has to be registered only under special marriage Act . Further he told that they have to wait 30 days to complete the registration and there is no possibility to compete the process within ten days .

Also he told that if both bride and groom must have following documents to register the marriage under Special Marriage Act 1954:

1. Ration card with Bangalore Address .
2. Aadhar card with Whitefield Address
3. Indian Passport with local address
4. Unmarried Certificate from Tahsidar
5. NOC from Police department

But the problem is she is native of Australia and only Indian nationals can produce those documents for marriage registration. I think to avoid the registration, the registrar is asking these kinds of documents.

Is there any possibility to do Special marriage registration without those documents. If it is possible please answer the following queries .
What is the procedure for register Special marriage with foreigner in Bangalore ?
What is the exact documents required for foreigner marriage registration under Special Marriage Act 1954 in Bangalore ?
How long will take to complete the Special Marriage Act 1954 registration in Bangalore ?
After getting marriage certificate, what is the formalities to get Indian citizenship for wife?
Under which provision those documents necessary for Special Marriage Act 1954 in Special ?
What is the time limit for Special Marriage Act 1954 registration in Special?

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