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3 years 5 months ago #994 by deepak
My close friend registered his marriage in Sub registrar office in Bangalore. Presently he is working in Dubai and now he got eligibility for family visa. But the marriage certificate already registered was lost and he could not trace the marriage certificate. He is asking me to get the copy of marriage certificate for apply visa.
I have no time to visit sub registrar office in person. So please advise how to apply copy of marriage certificate in Karnataka through online.

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3 years 5 months ago #999 by marriage attorney
Right now there is no online felicity available in Bangalore to get certified copy of marriage certificate in Karnataka.
If you need certified copy of marriage certificate, you have to visit marriage registrar office physically to obtain certified copy.
So ask your friend about registrar office details. Because you have to make application in same registrar office in which they already registered.
You can get three certified copies of original marriage certificate at the time.
You must have following details to apply certified copy in Karnataka:-
1. Marriage certificate serial number.
2. Marriage registration Date
3. Marriage registrar office name.
4. Husband and wife name and father name

If you have above said details, you can get certified copy easily. Otherwise it will very difficult to get copy.

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