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Now, registration notices under Special Marriage Act go online
PUNE: The department of registration and stamps has kicked off a transparent process for registration under the Special Marriage Act 1954 by initiating an online facility for issuing notices from November 1. Touts had a field day with the earlier manual process.
Now, forms can be filled online on the website and the notices to be issued will also be made available online, registration department officials said. The notices are issued in case of objections.

Couples wanting to register their marriages under the Special Marriage Act can issue notices online on the inspector general of registration and stamps (IGR) website.

Under the Act, couples are expected to give a 30-day notice to the marriage registrar of the district, declaring their intent to marry. The entire registration process is to be completed within the next 60 days. Marriages are solemnized at the end of this period if there are no objections.

"Since the process of issuing notices can now be done online, it will save couples and their families a visit to the marriage registration office and also keep them away from touts," IGR Anil Kawade said.

The system will integrate data from all sub-registrar offices in the state to check cases of multiple marriages by either the groom or bride.

Couples can fill up the form using Aadhaar linkage, which minimizes the documentation and verification process, officials said. After online notices, a date is given and couples are expected to solemnize their marriages on that day. The couples will get computer-generated marriage certificates. As many as 30,000 marriages are registered annually in the state under the Act.

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