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Court marriage in Bangalore

Court marriage in Bangalore


Complete guide on how to court marriage in Bangalore

 Why should and who should do court marriage in Bangalore:

Court marriage is the legal way get married simply legally. Not only for love marriage, will it be useful for arranged marriage couples those who wish to get married simply. You can save money and time.

Many couples prefer to do simple court marriage only in this corona lock down time. But simple court marriage is always best economically as well as legally.

Those who don’t have family support and those who in need of marriage certificate for safety, visa, and other legal purpose and those who like simple marriage can do court marriage .

Planning for doing court marriage in Bangalore :

 If you plan to do court marriage in Bangalore , first you have to plan your convenient date for registration in Bangalore(court marriage  possible only Monday to Friday Morning 10 to 3.30 PM). If date is confirmed book your appointment in advance and then start to collect documents.

Epass for court marriage:

Due to corona lock down, E pass is necessary to move from one district to district or state to state.

If you plan to do court marriage when the lockdown in force, you can apply e pass in advance and keep it for smooth travel to Bangalore.

 Documents required for court marriage in Bangalore :

  • Age proof for both Husband/Groom and Wife/Bride :(Any one of following Document)
    • Birth Certificate (or)
    • School / collage Transfer Certificate (or)
    • School / collage mark sheet (or)
    • Passport
  • Address proof for both Husband/Groom and Wife/Bride :(Any one of following Document)
    • Aadhar Card (or)
    • Passport  (or)
    • Driving License (or)
    • Voter ID
    • Ration Card

Photos :

  passport size photos 6 Nos for both

Note : If both have passport , it is enough for both age and address proof. If available you can keep education or birth certificate for age proof.

If you don’t have original documents, you can submit true copy with notary attestation.


 Who can be a witness for court marriage in Bangalore :

There is no necessary to bring aged parents as witnesses for the purpose of registration.

 As per registration rules, the person who completed 18 years and those who attended marriage can be a witness. 

So you can bring available local friends who attended your marriage as witness.


VAO certificate for court marriage in Bangalore :

There is no rules to insist VAO certificate for court marriage in Bangalore.

But the same time, to avoid unnecessary troubles in future , registrars will ask for VAO certificate to register court marriage  in rural area. But VAO certificate is not required in Bangalore.


Best place to do court marriage smoothly in Bangalore :

For various reasons, Bangalore Majestic is the comfortable place to do court marriage  in Bangalore. Not only for Karnataka for entire India Bangalore Majestic is the convenient place for love marriage registrations. Because love marriage couples can get married simply on same day and there is a possibility to register and get marriage certificate also on same.

So that many love marriage couples prefer Bangalore for court marriage .  


Under which act Love marriage will be registered:

Love marriage can be registered under any one of following act :

  1. Karnataka compulsory marriage Act
  2. Hindu marriage Act 1955
  3. Special marriage Act 1954
  4. Christian marriage Act 1872
  5. You can register under any one of above said act. But the Hindu marriage act and special marriage act certificate only will carry couples joint photographs and it will be look more authenticated. So that many couples prefer Karnataka Hindu marriage act and special marriage act for court marriage in Bangalore.
  6. For all legal purpose including visa, passport Karnataka marriage Hindu marriage act and special marriage act will be very useful and authenticated .


Parents presence at court marriage in Bangalore:


Usually registrars will ask both parents presence at the time of court marriage. But the same time you can manage without the parents and you can try to convince the registrar. Moreover no registrar asking parents in this lock down time. If there is a parents consent, you can ask them to speak over the phone.

Legally parents presence not required and there is possibility to do court marriage without both parents.


Court marriage procedure in Bangalore :

Online appointment:


Find the online marriage registration appointment procedure :

Now the Karnataka government registration department has made online appointment compulsory for marriage registration in Bangalore. To avoid unnecessary crowd in sub registrar office , prior appointment is compulsory for marriage registration . 

complete procedure to get online appointment  marriage registration in Bangalore :
Documents and application preparation :

Fill necessary marriage registration form and get signature from husband, wife and witness. 
Attach necessary documents  documents required for marriage registration. 

Sending mail to sub registrar office :

Scan all documents and application send it to concern sub registrar office email id.  Also mention your convenient date and time for marriage registration.
Also don't forget to mention your mobile number.

Online appointment :

If any queries he may call you in your mobile number.  If everything is fine, the marriage registrar will verify your application  will fix your appointment on your convenient date .and he will send you the appointment to your mail id. 

Marriage registration on appointment date : 

Come to Bangalore Majestic on your convenient date (your preferred date) and complete your smart and simple ceremony by exchanging ring/garlands. Visit Majestic sub registrar office on same day with required documents and witnesses and complete registration process on same day. Usually one day is enough to complete the entire registration process.

If you not prefer to small ceremony, you have to wait another 30 days to compete the registration process. Better you can exchange the garlands and can complete the process on same day.

If you give 30 days’ notice, it will create unnecessary troubles in your registration.


When can get original court marriage certificate :

Usually you can get marriage certificate on same day except special marriage registration.

For special marriage, it will take 30 days to get marriage certificate .Couples and witnesses should present twice before registrar.


Court Marriage certificate Attestation for foreign national:


If you have any plan to apply any visa in near future, you can get attestation also in Bangalore

After getting marriage certificate, you can get attestation for desired country.

Couples Presence not mandatory to get attestation. Only original marriage certificate and both passport copy is enough to get attestation.


How to face Love marriage problem after court marriage in Karnataka:


Keep your marriage certificate in very safe custody. Once the registration is completed, you are safe and you can show it to any authority or court of law.

If you have any threat from any family, you can give complaint with district superintendent of Police and seek police protection.




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